Laine's Favorite Blue Nail Polish and Why You Don't Use Remover To Thin Polish

One of the most important tips I have learned on this nail-polish obsessed voyage I have been on, is what to do about a thick, lumpy, or dried out nail polish. You thin it. How do you thin it? With a nail polish thinner/reviver. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, USE NAIL POLISH REMOVER!

I had to learn this on my voyage. But before I learned, I too, tried to thin my polish with nail polish remover.

At the beginnings of my polish collecting, I started small. I hit only 1 new polish a week or so. But I must go back even further, to when Sephora opened at the mall near my parents house in New York. While home for Thanksgiving I went to check it out and saw the most amazing nail polish color. It was blue and deep but also sort of neon. It was amazing. And out of stock. So I forgot about it for the most part, but for the next year when I would go visit my parents I would hop into Sephora to see if they had it. They didn't. Ever. So last year around Christmas I went in and tried to order it, but they were so busy it would have taken hours. The sales associate suggested I come back another day. So I did and they didn't even have the tester so I had a hard time explaining what I was looking for. Well it was okay because they found it for me and I was so excited, I bought 2 bottles. Why not, right? If I need it this bad, I am probably going to need a back up! So this was the beginning of the end! My passion for finding unique and interesting colors had begun!

I was thrilled to receive my new, blue love. But I was not aware that the formula of Sephora's nail polish is not so great. The application was pretty horendous. It was so thick and streaky and it felt like it was dry. I couldn't get enough polish on the brush and I couldn't get on my nail. Ugh. So I thought, "I'll add a little nail polish remover to thin it". FAIL. Take a look at my 2 bottles of my adored Sephora blue (whose name is "Myrtille" although they don't put in on the bottle. It's only Myrtille on the website):

Yeeeaahhh... soooooo....... my bad? Yes. Very bad. The one on the left was spared my horrible idea of thinning with NP remover, but sadly the one on the right has done this amazing, science project, decomposing, separating thing over the past year and turned into Myrtille and a milky substance of some sort. Ewwww. So learn from me. Don't use NP remover to thin polish. NP remover is designed to break down polish. The ingredients in it are not found in the nail polish you are sabbotaging with it.

Now since you were so patient, here is a pretty swatch of my beloved, out of the good bottle:

Myrtille - A deep, semi-neon, indigo. Gorgeous! This swatch is pretty close, but in real life it is a drop darker and a drop more purple. AND this went on nicely since I thinned it appropriately with Poshe Nail Polish Reviver.

Have a great day!