Naughty Nailz 'XXX' Collection Swatches

So we've gotten to the last set of Naughty Nailz. This collection has the most scandalous names, and the funnest colors, in my opinion; Blue, purple, neons, glitter!! This set has is all.

WARNING!!! The names for this set are the most naughty of all three collections. Hence, the triple 'X' rating! Do not read with the little ones! This is for you to enjoy in private! (Or with a partner!) Are we even talking about nail polish anymore? I can't even imagine how upset people will be when they do a search for something X rated and get to this blog about nail polish! Hehe! Let's get on with the the naughty!

12 Inch Gang Bang - Let's just get this one out of the way. I am definitely not easily offended, but this is the one polish name out of this whole line that make me cringe. The color however, I love. This is a bright sky blue shimmer.

Lickalottapus - Love it! This one is one I am calling neon, but it's only a little neon. It dries slightly matte (despite looking rather shiny in my swatch) so I am assuming there is some neon pigment in there, but it's not really a glowing, obnoxious, can-be-seen-from-a-mile-away neon. It's just a mega bright, punchy creme pink.

Cummin 4 U - Sun and shade. This is a clear base jam packed with iridescent glitter that flashes mostly green and gold. My swatches mainly look gold, but there was green when I was indoors, I promise. And so you can see how it looks layered:

Lickalottapus + Cummin 4 U

Nipplebiter - Hehe. What a funny name. This is a royal purple with slight blue and magenta shimmer.

Pounded On The Kitchen Table - Yes! An orange! Oh thank heaven. This one I am also calling neon, but just a little. Like Lickalottapus, this dries semi matte, so I believe that there is neon pigment in it, but it isn't over the top. Just nice and bright. The first picture shows the natural color, but doesn't really capture the neon glow, so I added the second one.

Red Hot Fuck - Sorry for the profanity, but that is the name and they aren't shy about it! It's precisely what the label says. This color reminds me of cherry tomatoes. Sexy, I know. This is a light, cherry tomato red with a pinch of orange and a gold shimmer. I am a fan of the color, and definitely of the name!

Now that we have seen all 3 collections here is my final verdict:

Overall I am impressed thanks to the application and dry speed. This brand new line has formula down; even the neons. Did you hear me? Even the neons! They aren't chalky or streaky at all. They aren't as neon as most neons though. But Considering how nicely these all apply, I bet they could punch up the neon and still have great application.

I am however, upset by the color range. When I have them all sitting on my desk, all I see is red and pink, and it makes me feel a bit sad. It's not very exciting. Of course, that is only me. I like green and orange and heaps of glitter. I am sure that for some ladies out there red and pink is their go to polish. And there is nothing wrong with that.

The names are of course what is big about this line, and what would be the main driver to buy these colors. They range from cutely naughty to straight-to-the-point filthy, naughty. So you can purchase what fits your needs for sexual humor/polish satisfaction. They would probably be really great for a girls night/mani-pedi party, a bachelorette party or perhaps if you are a rep for one of those sex toy companies that does parties to see and sell sex toys, maybe this could be a product to add to your line-up.

If a bomb-diggity formula is what drives you to buy polish though, this line is for you. And if you want to forget what the name of that 12 Inch Gang Bang you're wearing is, you can peel off the label.

I must also mention the line of treatments from Naughty Nailz. They have a top coat, base coat and nail hardener: I'm On Top, I'm On Bottom, and Get Hard, respectively. They all retail for $6.95.

I'm On Bottom: I only used this while swatching and never got a chance to test if for wear because I spilled out the entire bottle on my desk. I am seriously the clumsiest person on the planet. BUT I can say that it went on smooth and dried super fast and made a nice base at least for swatching. I had no staining while using it so that is a plus.

Get Hard: I can not say if it made my nails hard because they are probably as hard as can be, but if you need a product to strengthen your nails, why not give it a try? I used it as a base for my first official Naughty mani and like I'm On Bottom, it dried quickly and made a nice base, had no cuticle drag or bald spots and it gave me good wear (even if I only wore it for 2 days since I have to change my polish constantly).

I'm On Top: My main concern with top coat is the dry speed. Wear is not usually a concern because I change polish frequently. So I tested I'm On Top against my go-to, Seche Vite. Dry time was seriously the same between them so the other reasons I may choose I'm On Top over Seche Vite would be:
- The smell: It was less offensive than Seche Vite's wood varnish smell.
- The consistency: It was thinner than SV, but not too thin and it didn't slip around and pool up at the cuticle. It is just thinner. However, this is a negative if you wanted it over glitter, when you would normally like a thicker top coat. Also, because it is thinner, I noticed it picked up a little tint of the red I was wearing, and Seche Vite did not do this.

My two requests for Naughty Nailz:

1) Please release new sets with a different range of colors. Yellows, golds, grays, blacks and of course greens! Green is attached to aphrodisia (at least mythically). I assume it would be overkill to have a XXXX collection, but maybe a "Callgirl Collection" or "Lady of the Night" collection, a "Sweet but Naughty" Collection, a "I Vowed Abstinence and Change my Mind!" collection. The possibilities are endless! And keep it up with the glitters and neons!

2) I absolutely love love love the silhouette of the curvy girl with the big hair on the bottle. So my request is that you make her a nail decal! I think they would fly off the shelves! They would be so cute and sexy! I would wear them with every manicure.

You can purchase Naughty Nailz by contacting

Now that we have seen all the colors, read all the names, and covered the treatments, what do you think? Let me know and as Jenny of Naughty Nailz says: Stay naughty!

Disclosure: The products featured in this post were furnished to me by the manufacturer or PR company for review. For more information please visit my disclosure policy.