No More War Halfmoon Matte Manicure

Hi guys! I am traveling today so this is a scheduled post. I am not actually sitting here posting this! I am on my way to New York state to see my family! YAY! But I have pics of nails for you!

This was a mani I did last week. After a day of wearing Rescue Beauty Lounge - No More War I wanted to do some sort of halfmoon mani to it. I bought circular reinforce stickers for loose-leaf paper, and was ready to go!

I couldn't come up with a complementing color, and then it hit me. Do it matte! So I stuck on the little reinforcers on the lower part of my nail to mimic my natural halfmoon, and painted the rest of my nail with China Glaze - Matte Magic. I love it!

Have a nice holiday!