Perfectly Polished Tips 156 - Zoya Dare

Thank you all for the comments on my last post! I'm not sleeping yet but she's so worth it!

Finally Zoya's Dare collection, this was for Fall 2009. I think this was one of my favorite collections this year. I have been on a purple, blurple, blue, teal, and green kick as of late. I am a total creme whore so this collection was right up my alley. Even though Ibiza and Envy had subtle shimmer I still loved them. Ibiza is a shade of blue that I absolutely adore and I have a weak spot for polishes that look like this. I have several in my collection and love them all. I have said it a million times before that I love Zoya's formula and I honestly think it might be my favorite brand of polish. There are other companies I like for their color choices but I think Zoya is doing a great job at branching out. I would love to see a teal in an upcoming collection and maybe some dusty/muted shades as well.

Vanessa - lovely red creme

Ciara - plum creme

Pinta - inky violet creme (my favorite from the collex!)

Demi - grape creme

Envy - forest green w/ subtle shimmer

Ibiza - shimmery royal blue

The Dare collection is currently available on Zoya did have a small price increase back in October, they now retail for $7. Thanks Art of Beauty for allowing me to try these out.

I am trying to get back into the swing of blogging and hope to at least get a few posts set up to auto post. The holidays are a busy time for everyone. This is my last semester of school though (for now anyways) so I hope that once the new year is here I will be able to get back to blogging full time.