Perfectly Polished Tips 160 - Essie Loves Diamonds by Judith Ripka

A few months ago Essie did a collection with jewelry designer Judith Ripka. The collection consists of three simple but classic shades. Each is infused with diamond dust giving them an ever so subtle shimmer. Apparently 3 bottles have precious stones in the bottom, I have not tried to look in my bottles but I am curious if anyone else has. If you found a jewel let me know!

Put a Ripka Ring on It - a milky pink something Essie does too well! It was streaky, ridge filler would probably help a lot.

Heart to My JR Jewels - sophisticated brown

Queen of Hearts - lovely red, a color you can never have too many of

Essie Loves Diamonds is a limited Edition collection. They do appear to still be for sale on Essie's website. These ones retail for $15 instead of the usual $8.

Thanks Essie for letting me test them out.