Beauty for Its Own Sake

A beauty queen and model dies from a botched butt job, and some people assume she did it because she wanted to be attractive to men. Not ‘men’ as in “goodwill to all men,” but men as in the male of the species. In this supposedly enlightened day and age, there still are many people who persist in thinking that women beautify themselves to attract men. Well, excuse me, men, but it’s not all about you.
Sure, there are women who wear (or not wear) makeup to please their significant others. But it’s never as simple as that. Each woman’s experience is different and we all seek to balance our needs versus others’ expectations. But for the most part, very few actually beautify themselves solely as a genetic means for the preservation of the species.
Woman seek beauty for its own sake. We were made by a Creator who delights in beauty, in uniqueness, in the sheer joy of creation. As we were created in His image, so we take our love for beauty from Him, so we take our need to create from Him. This creativity is expressed in various ways. Some create art, music, structures, performances. Some cook, some strategize, some keep a clean, organized home amidst the chaos of kids and daily life.
Some of us paint canvases; some, our faces; some, our nails; some, all surfaces (and with glitter!). We paint to express ourselves.
We take after our Creator.