Book: Remind Me Again Why I Need a Man

My apologies to the author, but this book took me so long to finish.
Amelia Lockwood is a successful career girl, a tv producer who's about to turn a popular soap around. She has a strong support network courtesy of The Lovely Girls -- one blissfully married, one a single-and-loving-it, and a gay actor. She's also bent on turning her (non-existent) romantic prospects around by enrolling in a night course that promises she will get married within a year's time.
The course requires her to contact all her past boyfriends to learn what mistakes she keep making over and over in her choice of men and in her relationships.
And it quickly got boring, for me. The flashbacks were annoying. The ex-boyfriends were stereotypes. I found myself waiting and wishing for something -- a revelation, an epiphany, a single quotable line -- that would make me realize something deep.
I was disappointed. And though I loved that the jerk of an ex got his comeuppance in the end, it was way too anti-climactic.
Of course, we don't always need a man in our lives in order to be happy. This is the whole point of the book. And it was really just... duh.