BookReview: Unravelled

UNRAVELLED by Robyn Harding
Here's Beth Carruthers, a freelance writer who's recently out of a relationship with a commitment-phobic guy.
Her bff Angie suggests a knitting Stitch & Bitch Club so Angie can be up on the latest trend (she's a trendwatcher for a local tv show), and so they can meet new people. Though unsure of her crafting skills, the club was Beth's lifeline to recover from her failed relationship. Meeting with her newfound friends of three women and a man once a month gave her stability and fellowship that she badly needed.
She met a retired architect whom she interviewed in one of her magazine writing assignments. And though he was beyond the age she normally considered as date-worthy, she realized that an older man provides maturity and solidity that she required of a partner.
But the guy's secrets caused the unravelling of Beth's friendships, dreams, and recovery.
How she grew from the experience, and emerged a better, more mature, more sure person, able to gauge where her priorities lay and not caving with every setback, makes the book a fun read.
Quotes: "I’d learned that protecting your friendships and living your life with integrity were more important than snagging a man—not to mention, infinitely easier to do."
"Over the past few years I’ve spent way too much energy pining away for the life I’ve always dreamed of. After all that’s happened, I just want to be happy with the life I have now."
Too true!