My Tribute

Fun, frugal, frou-frou. Three words that describe my sense of aesthetics. I have an insatiable thirst to learn more about my world and how to make the most of what I have, and I have boundless curiosity about what others are doing to improve themselves. These led me to search out the internet for like-minded people. I have been a long-time reader and avid lurker in a lot of blogs, and have drunk deeply from what many bloggers have shared about themselves, their lives, their passions. Needless to say, I have benefited a lot from these people whom I regard as friends whom I haven’t yet met.
This year, 2009, I underwent a severe crisis in my personal life. I had to re-assess my life and re-examine what I, as a woman, am all about. Not only in conjunction or as an adjunct to a spouse, but as an individual: self-possessed, able, and worthy.
Not to make much of a drama, but it was a dark period in my life. It still is.
The blogging world – unbeknown to the blog writers in whose posts I took refuge – helped a lot in my recovery. I did not know, then, that I should have left comments, made links, and communicated how much the blogging community meant to me. I also did not think I had anything worth contributing, especially in light of the excellence of the blogs I frequent.
But I realized that I must at least convey my gratitude to the many people who have been so helpful to me yet I haven’t thanked properly. I am already a part of the blogging community, and must fulfill my responsibility. I might just be as helpful to someone, as others have been very helpful to me.
  • To God, who amazingly make all things work for good; and
  • to bloggers who share unselfishly of themselves, because they reach out and in so doing, make the world a better, friendlier place;
      this is my tribute.