New Color from Claire's

Hello lovelies! Back to regularly scheduled programming! I am back from New York and back to work! You may have noticed earlier I re-posted my Nubar Prisms because something was screwy with the first post. I felt that I couldn't just leave you with that for today since we already saw it, so I bring you a new color from Claire's that I picked up.

Dream Catcher - Very pretty jade green with a subtle bright green shimmer. Word on the street is that this is very similar to Chanel - Jade, which I don't have to compare because I just can't spring for that pricey stuff. I really love this color but I felt that the formula was a bit tricky. It was streaky leaving me to do 4 coats for this swatch.

And this is what happens when I think of adding polka dots to be cute. I used Migi Nail Art Pen in pink, but I think I may have overdone it a bit!! It reminds me of some sort of armored animal like a turtle or armadillo!

Have a great day!