New Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

If you haven't been to the drugstore lately, take a look because Sally Hansen has rolled out a slew of new polishes. There is the new Complete Salon Manicure colors (I have a few to share) and there is a new display of Xtreme Wears. I picked up a few the other day>> SWATCHES! >>

Wet Cement - Pretty self explanatory! Definitely what it looks like. Light, very gray, gray. I just mean that it is not blue sided, like RBL - Concrete Jungle. It's gray like a little mousey. 2 coats.

Pacific Blue - Holy shnikey. This is bright. It is almost identical to the Sephora-Myrtille I showed you here. Only this is a better formula, it's cheaper, and the bottle is bigger. Gorgeous, bold, uber bright blue creme. 2 coats.

Caribbean Coral - Mega-bright coral-red with a wee bit of shimmer. This is so awesome I may have to wear it now even though it just feels so season inappropriate! I wish it was summer. This would definitely go on my toes! 2 coats.

Bubblegum Pink - Yet another self-explanatory name! Perfect way to describe it. Bubblegum and Barbie dolls! This also has a wee bit of silver shimmer. 2 coats.

The formula on these is outstanding. They go on smooth, the shape of the brush is nice, square (not like the crazy brush in the Insta-Dris) and allowed me to do a very nice application. They are very, very pigmented, and they dry fast too. Just all around goodness. These retail for about $3.29 (at least that is what I paid. I live in the city so stuff seems to be a bit more) but they were buy one get one half off at Walgreen's. Not too shabby!