Playing With New Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear

While admiring the new Xtreme Wears I picked up, I started thinking that they would all go well together somehow. It made me think of Brooke's Up & Away mani on Getcha Nails Did here. So I gave it a shot, and it worked really well!

First I did the whole nail with two coats of Bubblegum Pink. Then I used Caribbean Coral and starting from the side near the base, I painted a curve across my nail to the opposite corner. It is pretty easy if you lay the hand down, and start at the edge facing you and paint out, not in. It's easier to draw a curve like that. I remember that from 6th grade. Weird.

Then I took Pacific Blue and did the same thing, just starting further up the nail. I love this look!

Have a great day!