Tuesday Couch Potatoes: Girl Power

GIRL POWER MOVIE: THE DEVIL WEARS PRADAThis movie has everything dear to a girl's heart: fashion! beauty! Meryl Streep! Anne Hathaway! Adrian Grenier! New York! Paris! romance! intrigue! humor! What's not to love???
The girl power here, I think, revolves around the two main actresses, Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. Meryl is Runway Magazine editor Miranda Priestly, so all-powerful in the fashion word that a single lift of a well-(plucked? waxed? threaded?) eyebrow could make or break lives, careers, hearts. The viewer could literally quake at the knees at the thought of working for a boss like her. We've all probably had our share of nasty bosses, so it's easy to relate.
But the greater power lies with the character played by Anne -- Andrea "Andy" Sachs -- who, fresh from school and with romantic idealism -- gets hired into Runway Magazine and sees her ambition of becoming a journalist ground to dust under Miranda Priestly's high-heeled Pradas (and Blahniks and Choos and etc.). From an intellectual who couldn't care less about fashion, Andy metamorphosed into a fashion-plate: drop-dead gorgeous and absolutely fabulous, while retaining (even improving) on her smarts and usefulness to Miranda. But in the process, she gave up her very essence: her kind heart, her loyalty to her friends, her time for her boyfriend and family. In the process, she became more like Miranda.
In the end, she chucked it all off to stay true to herself. That's girl power.

But right now -- my girl power salute goes to Kris Aquino. She never fails to amaze! You go, girl!!!