Tuesday Couch Potatoes: New Beginnings

My New Beginnings movie is "The Blind Side." It's a feel-good movie, promoting family, compassion, generosity, and grace. Though many of the characters are stereotypes, the script and acting are superb. It doesn't hurt that Sandra Bullock stars, either. But what I really like about it is the new beginnings wrought by the family's act of mercy. Not just for Michael Oher, but more importantly, for his adoptive family. I like the part where the ladies who lunch told Leigh Ann she's changing Michael's life, and she says, "No, he's changing mine." Because essentially, that's what they do for each other. By opening up their hearts for one another, unlikely as the pairing is, they change one another for the better.
The part my family and I loved best was the footage of the real Oher family when the credits rolled.
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