Yellow creme comparison featuring Up & Away

Hello all! It seems I have several yellow polishes! I thought it would be nice/helpful to do some comparisons of them. There are several other brands "featured" in this post, but I mention China Glaze Up & Away colors because they were the ones I was waiting for to do the comparisons. Also, there was a great discovery made about both the Up & Away yellows once I did the comparisons. First up is the banana yellows:

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Squarepants, Sally Hansen - Yellow Kitty, China Glaze - Lemon Fizz, BB Couture - Little Deuce Coupe

From left to right:
Squarepants - 4 coats
Yellow Kitty - 3 coats
Lemon Fizz - 2 coats
BB Couture - 2 coats

Squarepants is of course a jelly, and Yellow Kitty falls somewhere in between jelly and creme. Lemon Fizz is very creamy and opaque and applied like a dream, and Little Deuce Coupe is right behind. Lemon Fizz is clearly the brightest.

Next up is the sunshine yellows. This comparison was inspired by SalvagedExpression who asked about a comparison about over a month ago! Here it is girl!

Sally Hansen - Lightening, China Glaze - Happy Go Lucky, Diamond Cosmetics - Lemon Yellow Zest, OPI - The "It" Color

From Left to right:
Happy Go Lucky
Lemon Yellow Zest
The "It" Color

All were 3 coats with the exception of The "It" Color at four. Happy Go Lucky was super close to being 2 coats. I was really rooting for it. It looked pretty good at 2, but I had to do three for the pic because it did have a slight streak to it. Too bad. I really wanted to report that it was a 2 coater like Lemon Fizz. Anyway, yet again, China Glaze is the brightest, Lightening is right behind, and Lemon Yellow Zest and The "It" Color step down respectively to darker/more orange.

So the discovery I spoke of was just that both of the China Glaze yellows were the brightest against their competitors. Also, they had phenomenal application. Lemon Fizz is an incredible 2 coater, and I think you could get Happy Go Lucky on in 2. It has the potential, I just missed it and had to go for 3.

This Up & Away Collection is really knocking my socks off!