Zoya Ultra Glitters Swatches

Astra, Nova, Luna

Good afternoon everybody! How are we!? I'm okay. I have to go to the doc in a bit. Nothing major, but I hate to be reminded that there is always something wrong with me! Can't a girl just be healthy? :c)

So. Zoya Ultra Glitters. I know these aren't new, and you've probably seen them a hundred times, but it took me a while to get them and I love them all sooo much I had to post them!

Astra - Wicked hot. This is a combo of light pink and red glitter in a hot pink jelly base giving an overall awesome, warm, hott pink color. This swatch is two coats, but I probably could have done three. Up close you can see all the details, but from a distance it looks like a bad ass pink foil or something. Observe:

My hands playing quarters. Yes I like drinking games! :cD

Nova - Also hott! This is a cool magenta. I thought it would be the same concept as Astra with the light pink glitter and magenta glitter, but when you look at it up close it appears as though it is just the light pink in a bold, magenta, jelly base. At first when these came out and I saw that there were two pinks I thought, "I certainly don't need both." I was wrong. This swatch is 3 coats.

Luna - This is a silver glitter in a pale silver, shimmery base. I really love this. I love how much depth it has thanks to the shimmer, and the glitter. Even though the glitter is only one color, it appears to be many and it looks really interesting. This swatch is 4 coats, just to be sure I couldn't see my yellow nails through it! I wore this as my New Years Eve mani and kept it on for days, all the way through to 80s Night, and it worked for all occasions.

My 80s hand.

Have a great day!