Amour - Rainbow Hologram

Have you ever seen the Amour polishes on that claim to have some sort of awesome reflection?Photo courtesy of Trans Design

This is what the site says about these polishes:
The special formula contains Titanium dioxide platelets of precisely controlled thickness reflects gold, red, green or blue by interference . . .and transmit the respective complementary colors. Deposited on mica for reinforcement . . . combined with colors pigment to introduce intensity, contrast and extraordinary color play.
Step 1: Apply black polish to the free edge.
Step 2: Allow polish to dry, apply color effect polish to the entire surface of the nail.
Step 3: Apply top coat

I didn't really think these would be anything out of this world but I had to get one to be totally sure. I was right. A bought Rainbow Hologram and swatched it over a black tip just like it said.

It's really just a shimmery sheer with iridescence. It is not special in any way. This black tip thing looks weird too. I am not a fan.

What do you think?

Have a great day!