Blue Glitter SPAM with Close-Ups!

Hi Everybody!

I am super excited about today's post! It is really pretty! BLUE GLITTER! *oooh...ahhhhh*

Here is who we will be checking out today:
OPI - Absolutely Alice, Pure Ice - Strapless, Nubar - Disco Blue Glitter, Color Club - Sexy Siren, China Glaze - Dorothy Who?

Absolutely Alice - This is a fine, blue glitter in a clear base with a little bit of gold glitter thrown in. Very pretty. It is very dense and gives full coverage in 3-4 coats.

Strapless - This is another blue glitter in a clear base. It is very dense and the pieces are small like Absolutely Alice. The shade is a very deep, bold blue. I love this.

Disco Blue Glitter - This is the palest blue of the bunch. It is also a larger particle size and is not very dense. This swatch is 4 coats and there is still lots bare. I didn't feel like doing more than 4 coats.

Sexy Siren - This is so pretty! It is a larger particle like Disco Blue, but the shade is much brighter and the formula is more dense.

Dorothy Who? - This is so hott! I love this. This isn't a blue glitter in a clear base like the rest of these. This is a silver glitter in a blue base. There is no blue glitter at all. It just looks blue shining through the blue jelly.

What is your fave? I would say Dorothy Who? and Absolutely Alice are the faves (both from collections based on movies...hmm) then Sexy Siren, then Strapless and last, unfortunately, is Disco Blue.