Christmas & Valentine's all at once! Plus Nail Art in honor of Christy

It's Christmas and Valentine's Day all at once, my lovelies, as I am the recipient of unwarranted magnanimity and generosity. I.Am.Over.Whelmed. These warmed my heart, brought tears to my eyes, a smile on my lips, color on my nails... can you tell I'm happy and grateful? Thanks to my sister in Christ, who is aptly named after Him: Princess Christy.
And here are the pretties, all in a row:
It should be easy to see why I'm overwhelmed. These products are not available in the stores where I live. And even if they were, the cost would be prohibitive. This is exactly what is meant by grace: purely undeserved, incomprehensible, and overflowing. I cannot express my gratitude enough!
So here's a mani and tutorial dedicated to and in honor of Christy. Can I call it overflowing love? (see how the heart extends beyond the tip of the nail -- because love can't be contained and knows no bounds? cheesy!)
  1. Apply two coats of coral (I used NYC Classic Coral Creme -- I can't believe how wonderful this was to use! It glided on like a dream. I guess I've gotten so used to the quality of cheap polish I've been using, the experience of using this seemed nothing short of a miracle, LOL! Although it seemed sheer, two coats gave sufficient coverage and I didn't need more. And the color? I can only describe it as delicious. Yup. Good enough to eat.)
  2. With a red polish (I used Petites Rock n Red), draw a sort of curved v-shape, one side thicker than the other.
  3. Outline the v using white, then gently loop into a curve at the nail tip, as shown. I used a toothpick to draw the outline. This is to encourage those, like me, who don't have nail art tools. Just use what you have. If you look closely, you'll see that my outline is actually shaky, sloppy and splotchy (heh, I love alliteration, too). Lovelies, aim for expression, not perfection.
  4. Add one coat of glitter to sort of cover up the sloppy outline. Remember: glitter (like love) covers up a multitude of sins. I used Wet and Wild Sparked. The sparkle on this polish is unbelievable. Unlike anything I've ever seen. One coat is very glittery! (Or is it just my experience with poor quality? lol)
Thank you again so much, Christy. May God bless you abundantly more than you ask for or even imagine.