Hate Fashion?

Have you seen Tanya Gold's article in The Guardian on why she hates fashion? A brief excerpt:
Put simply, I hate fashion. I scowl at Harper's. I snarl at W. I spit at Vogue. Sometimes, I tear them up, these glossy pages full of anorexic ­children – part human, part makeup, part ­computer program – just because I'm worth it...
...I am a reasonable ­example of a normal woman. I like food and men and comfort. It is just that at some point, the unceasing prattle of fashion has become a scream in my head. I ­cannot ignore its idiocies any more. I walk past a shop that sells 6in heels and I am angry. Banana ­Republic? ­Angry again. Selfridges and its ­loathsome "I shop therefore I am" adverts, a manifesto for morons? Don't even go there. I have had it with this tyrant-fool throwing darts from every billboard and magazine and TV screen. I want to hurl a spear back at it.
Carrie Bradshaw in Sex
and the City.
James Devaney/
I get what she says about fashion being frivolous, and there being too many hapless victims of it. I also know that there's obscene amounts of money spent on fashion that could be better spent elsewhere. I know that it is so easy (but never justified) to judge others as fashion victims and dismiss them as flighty for getting caught up in it at all. I am aware that many women suffer countless insecurities and deprivations in the name of fashion. I know that it's true, and I know that it's more widespread than we're willing to face up to. What I don't get is: why the anger? Corruption. Crime. Inept bureaucracy. White slavery. Substance abuse. Violence in any form. Abortion. These and so much more could arouse such anger, and I'd understand.
Sure, I know fashion is not completely harmless. But why should it warrant such a vehement, passionate opposition from someone who says she's above it?
Fashion is so many things to every individual. It's rather small-minded to lump the whole industry, as well as the many forms and variations thereof, into one malignant lump of vanity. The biggest goal of fashion may be to make pretty. Whether it succeeds or fails is up to the individual who is victimized or enamored of it.
But too great an anger over something you say is inane? Not pretty.