I Am Not Crazy. There are Two Sunsets

What? You don't believe me?

Last week I posted a gorgeous nail polish that I had found: Maybelline - Sunset Prisms. I told you guys that I believed there was something screwy going on as I was sure that "Sunset Prisms" was an entirely different color. I was right. Behold; my two sunsets:

Straight on they don't look too different, but from the angled shot you can see the different shimmer colors and the bases are two different colors as well.

I have dubbed these Version 1 and Version 2. Version 1 is the one I showed you last week. It is a bright pink base with a strong gold shimmer. Version 2 is an orange base with a green shimmer.

But they are labeled the same. The front labels of these bottles are different which is why I have given them the numbering I have. I believe the front label of Version 2 is newer, therefore that is the most recent version; Version 1 being the original. This is just a guess. I don't actually know for sure.

What I do know is that they are both hott! Glad I have them both!

PS - Happy Groundhog day!