I Have Been Seduced Toxic-ly

I have to show you my nails of the day. And of yesterday. And probably tomorrow. I see no signs of removal in the near future! It's Misa - Toxic Seduction and it is from Misa's Poisoned Passion collection - Fall 2008. I am sure you have seen it before and maybe you have it, but I just have to gush because it is beautiful and it took me FOREVER to wear it! I swatched it once quickly for a a comparison shot I did a while back but that was about it. I just have too many colors to wear. My ratio of 'worn' to 'unworn' shades is outrageous.

Anyway, Toxic Seduction. Hmmm... Perfect? I love this! I first off love green. It is my favorite color, not just favorite polish color. Favorite overall color = green. And this is a good one! It is a vampy, dark green, mossy base packed with the same vampy, dark green shimmer. The shimmer in this is awesome too. It isn't a super twinkle, twinkle shimmer. It is a playing-it-cool shimmer. It's too cool for school, really. It's not such an obvious, bright crazy green. Typically when I think of green polish I think of bold, bright grass greens and kelly greens and they are awesome, but not always appropriate. This shade feels completely appropriate. I don't feel like my bosses would give it funny looks or someone would say "Wow. Green nails. Interesting." It's just polish as far as they're concerned, but to me it is love. It's seduction. I'm lost in it.