It's been a while...

Hey all! I have been busy. Not much time to swatch.

Also I'm sick with stomach flu, had my wallet stolen (and returned, sans cash), was in a minor car accident and just feeling weepy in general.

The above image is taken from PostSecret from a while back. It sums out how I feel at the moment.

Someone who was special (and I think will always be, worse luck) tried coming back into my life. He fucked me over last year and now texts me with a "I'm sorry, let's hang out."

Boo to you. Although we might have been destined for each other, maybe we still are, but if you can't respect or love me the way that I should be, it's not meant to be at all.

I still wish him the best. But, leave me alone. Nothing one says can make up for all the crap.

On a happier note, I think I have more time for nail polish again.

Thanks everyone! Thanks for letting me rant a bit.