It's a Full Moon! Nope. I Was Wrong.

Hello! I have some pics of a few halfmoon manicures I rocked recently. I have had a big thing for them!

This one consists of Sally Hansen - Commander in Chic for the moons and OPI - You Don't Know Jacques! MATTE for the rest of the nail. They are so close it color! YDKJ is a bit darker and after a day of wear, as the matte gets more satiny and smooth, it gets even darker.

This one is a bit more subtle. It is Zoya - Goldie for the moons and OPI - Dazzled By Gold for the rest.

And this one! I love this one. This is Rescue Beauty Lounge - Underwear for the moons and Mode Cosmetics - Tatt-Tastic, a dark dusty navy, for the rest.

This is how I accomplish this look. A lot of times when I do a halfmoon mani it is just a way to spice up a manicure I have already had on for a day or more. I take reinforce stickers that are used for loose-leaf paper, cut them in half, and place them on the lower portion of my nail. Then paint the rest of the nail with the majority color, peel off the stickers (after each nail) and add top coat if necessary. Not for the matte ones of course.

Here is a couple you've seen already:

Rescue Beauty Lounge - No More War + China Glaze - Matte Magic

Sally Hansen - Thinking of Blue + OPI - Mad As A Hatter

What do you think of halfmoon manicures? Love 'em? Hate 'em?