Mac and Ever Bilena - Do They Exist in the Same Universe?

Everywhere on the ‘net I find reviews of Mac (both the cosmetics and the computer. By the way, has anyone ever thought to ask whether they’re married? Because, of course, Mac the computer is a guy and cosmetics is a gal. Or is that sexist? Well, nowadays, whether they’re guy or gal or both guys or both gals, they could be married, in some states of the US of A. Although I’m with Prejean on this one. Still, you’d wonder at Mac.)
Anyhow. Where was I? Oh, yes. For the purpose of this post let’s stick to Mac the cosmetics. Everywhere, bloggers review Mac and rave. I know Mac is good, Mac is beautiful, Mac is so dropdead gorgeous if she wasn’t married to Mac the computer, she should be, and they’d have the loveliest offspring.
But I can hardly find any review on Ever Bilena. I’m thankful to shopcoholic for this review. Does anyone know of any other? Can Ever Bilena really stand as dupe for Mac, or is there just some similarity in color or some other factor? With the enormous chasm between Mac and Ever Bilena prices, it’s hard to believe that the latter could ever really compare. It’s almost always a given that you get what you pay for.
Since Ever Bilena is a Philippine product, it’s unknown to the international market and so it follows there are too few reviews about it. Even among Philippine bloggers, there’s little mention of it. I just wonder if this is so because of its poor quality, or because of snobbishness and prejudice against cheap products? I’d really love to know.
I have no way of comparing how Ever Bilena products fare against expensive brands. For one, the expensive brands are hardly available where I live, and even if they were, it’s simply not in the budget. However, EB products have worked well enough for my lifestyle. I’m not in the beauty/fashion business. Any cosmetic enhancement I use is not necessary for my line of work, but serves to boost my self-esteem and is a means for self-expression. It serves my purpose well enough. I really just am curious about the comparison thing. I’d love to ask Nikki of askmewhats what she thinks, but I’m afraid using a cheap brand might make her skin break out.
I guess what I’d like to know is: if there were a Mac-Mac nuptials, would Ever Bilena be in the guest list?