Nail Art: Green French

Here's a green french mani, which I did some months ago. (I don't have a new one as I'm still enjoying my blue sparkly one so much and am loathe to take it off!) For this I used my no-name polishes, two coats of sheer green with dark green at the tips. I'm not sure, but the sheer must be frosted? It's very shiny without sparkles. I don't know how to describe it. Anyway. I then added stickers to the smile line and a 'pebble' sticker to the thumb.
These stickers are sold as children's playthings here. They are nothing comparable to the ones Christy sent. I'll write more about them, with photos, some other time. By the time I did this mani, I've gotten better at using them, so the outer edges aren't sticking out as much. I thought the colored foil look of the stickers went well with the frosted green backdrop.