Nail Art: Valentine Mani #4 I heart roses

You'd think I was head over heels in love with all these vday manis going on, lol. But the truth is, I need the distraction. Pure, painless, prettifying therapy. Maybe this will keep my mind on loving instead of dwelling on ugliness going on elsewhere in my life.
But enough with the blahs.
Here's my "I ♥ roses" mani.

I used the Pink Ice "First Love" for the background color, Goya "Verouscha" for the leaves (both from Christy) and red #29 from my no-name-nail-polish.
This pink is very sheer! I put two coats of pink. Then I drew hearts with a toothpick. My idea was for the hearts to sort of fade into the background, to just there be a hint of it. So I put another coat of pink on top. It didn't happen. The pink is so sheer, and the red is so bright, that it only served to dull the color somewhat. I should probably classify this as a fail at this point, but ah. Some love stories don't end happily ever after, but it isn't a fail until we get to the other side of heaven. Or at least until the fat lady sings. Or the mafia goon croaks. Uhm. Mafia? Vday? ♥ & roses? I'm confused now. Are you with me yet?
So. Then I drew the 'approximation' of a rose and rosebud and leaves on the thumb, and a bigger rosebud on the ring finger. Yes. With a toothpick. So don't pick on my drawing, lol. The rose is just a big round drop with white lines drawn across it to look like petals. Do you see the petals yet? If you do, congratulations, you have a very vivid imagination, better than my drawing skills. I should also have planned out my design in advance so that my rose and my hearts didn't point in different directions.
The Goya Verouscha, which I've been drooling over since I first saw it on the 'nets and which God graciously, lovingly and miraculously put in my lap, is everything I thought it would be. Thank you again,Christy!
So there you have it, I ♥ roses.