Nail Art: Valentine Mani #5 The Last Hurrah

The last of Valentine's and heart-theme manis. I promise. If I can help it. ;)
For this, I used two coats of NYC Glossies #241, 3 coats of NYC Starry Silver Glitter, and toothpick-painted the hearts with Pure Ice Free Fall. The NYC 241 was very sheer, and I needed three coats of the glitter to get this much shine. But boy, do I love it. Not that I've had that much experience with glitter (the ones I used before cannot compare with this), but this is really sparkly. When I'm in bright sunlight I have to tear my eyes away from my nails to be able to do anything at all! LOL. Thanks to Christy for the polish love.

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    As I keep saying again and again, there is so much good and generosity going on in beauty blogland. 
    Whether I win or not, it's quite amazing to be part of this community of people who are beautiful inside and out. 
    Thank you, you beautiful people, you!