TCP #25: The Sound of Music

For the Love of Children
There's no question that movies with children are always sure to appeal to me. For one, it's something we can share with our kids and build memories on. Plus these movies are usually better, more wholesome.
So okay. I love Kikamz's choice, "I Am Sam." That was one memorable film, wonderful story with great acting. Ones I've seen recently and liked are  "Secrets of Woodacre,"  "Simon Birch," "The Boy in Striped Pyjamas," "The Ultimate Gift," and I'm sure there are others I can't quite remember just yet, lol.
I also saw "My Sister's Keeper" recently. It's not my favorite, but it bears mention because of the supreme, sacrificial love of the mother for her daughter. I also read the book but like the movie's ending better. Both book and movie version disappointed me in that there is absolutely no hope in eternal life. I can't fault the author or Hollywood for believing what they do. But personally, if I were in that situation, having a faith in God makes all the difference in how I would view impending death and how to deal with it. Although the situation in the story is every mother's worst nightmare, there is always a silver lining. This story pointed to none.
But on a similar vein, "John Q" -- also about parents with a seriously sick child -- is more positive, more uplifting, and a better movie. There's some hopefulness here, and the fact that the parents are Christians make for an entirely different dynamics. Though there is definitely nothing Christian about how John Q chose to deal with the situation, Denzel Washington fleshes out his role in a way that you actually feel for him and somewhat understand why he had to do what he did. There's good acting, good script, highly recommended. Loved this quote: "I would tell you what I think of you, but I am a Christian woman."
My favorite for love of children is, hands down, no debate, no doubt -- "The Sound of Music." I know. Everybody knows the story (if you don't, where have you been hiding? Either that, or you're much too young! Lol). I loved this movie. When I saw a cd on sale at the mall, (this was cd version yet, not dvd -- a long time ago), I immediately bought it. My boys played it over and over!!! Even I couldn't believe it! See, the story and the songs transcend all age, gender and cultural barriers, it definitely has universal appeal. My boys even memorized the lyrics. Though I guess they may have forgotten it now, their brains are starting to erode with rap and what have you. Wait, this isn't about my boys brains, lol.
So, yes, "The Sound of Music" is my favorite. For more movies of love stories with children, join kikamz and friends at Tuesday Couch Potatoes.