Awards! Thank you!!!

Janet of My Naked Face very kindly gave me this award, and I'm so grateful. Not just for the compliment, but more especially for the recognition from a fellow blogger whose opinions I respect, whose style I admire, and whose blog I enjoy. Thanks, Janet!
Seven facts about me:
1) I'm a child of God;
2) gifted with three children (all boys);
3) I'm a church worker;
4) I love all colors, but most of all, blue;
5) I don't make friends easily;
6) Friendships I do have are strong;
7) I'm the quintessential nerd.

Kikamz of Just About Anything also gave me an award sometime ago. I've been so negligent on posting about this (sorry, Kikamz!) but it's no less appreciated. This award means so much because I really enjoy this new-found friendship and the exchanges I get with other fellow potato couchers at her blog.
Ten things that make me happy:

toxiclipstick - congratulations on new job!