Book Review: "66 Love Letters From God to You" by Dr. Larry Crabb

Dr. Larry Crabb’s “66 Love Letters From God to You: A Conversation with God that Invites You into His Story,” is one thought-provoking, life-changing book. I was attracted to the title because of the author, Dr. Larry Crabb. And to its promise of making more accessible the One Author who matters.
It is at once loving, and hard-hitting. To borrow the author’s phrase, “Prepare to be slapped, then hugged.”
I’ve read the Bible several times over, and each time I’ve come to a new (albeit a very small) insight on the character of God. Over the years and by His grace I’ve come to a more intimate knowledge of His nature and person. And yet this is not to say reading the Bible is easy. I especially struggle with its relevance to my daily life and how to apply it.
Lately I came to a crisis and, though it did not shake my belief in God, it did turn around all the things I simplistically assumed about Him. The author shared my struggles, asked my questions, and distilled for me the message I needed to hear.
Dr. Crabb did not say anything that I knew to be doctrinally untrue or even controversial. He only reiterated what I knew from reading the Bible, but in straightforward, simple, and strong language.
He does this not by interpreting the Bible for us, but by opening up a whole new way to see the books and God’s intention behind it. He ties up all the seemingly-difficult to understand passages and stories into a seamless plan with a common goal, a common good, by an uncommon God.
Here is a Holy God, completely loving and completely just, in conversation with the author (and with me), though very colloquially. Some may see it as putting words in God’s mouth. I don’t. There isn’t anything here you don’t get from reading the Bible. But there is everything here that I knew before but couldn’t put into words.
This book neither claims nor attempts to replace the Bible as the bearer of God’s message. Instead, it is a tool for understanding it better, and in that it succeeds. Readers will get from it what they bring in.  Those who have not read the Bible before, or find a hard time doing so, will get a new perspective and understanding of the love that went into God’s Word, and may be encouraged to finally read it through. Long-time Bible readers will perhaps get a more personal, more intimate insight, in much simpler language. And struggling readers, like me, get a new view of the completely awesome, absolute magnificent, totally holy God, Creator of all, King of Kings, Lord of Hosts. And worship.
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