Franken: No. 2 (Unnamed)

Frankening is fun!

I used half a bottle of the blue and I added 8 drops of both yellows into the blue.

One yellow is a yellow-neon. The skinfood one is shimmery yellow.

So it added a lovely sheen to the new polish which turned out a nice shade of green.

Due to the Faceshop forumla, the nail polish is groopy. And it appiled unevenly. But I love the colour. However, it took 4 coats to have any colour shine through.
And the result of this pairing!

The ones without flash is a truer colour. You can see in the middle of the nail where the nail polish dribbled.

I am looking for a shop in Singapore that sells empty nail polish bottles. And mini ball bearings. ^^

I know there are a lot of sites online which do sell but with my international shipping costs, the bottles then go up almost 300% in price. To have a discount, I need to buy a minimum of 50 bottles.

What's a girl to do?

PS What could I call this one?