Mini Swatches

1 coat of Done out in Deco with 2 coats of the Sylvie. It's a very pretty combination. The first pictures shows a truer colour of the polish in the bottles. The second one is better for the colour on the nail.
2 coats Kose Sugar Plum. First picture without flash. Second with. The polish looks more like the second picture but just a tad bit darker.
The colour looks lighter in the bottle then on the nail. It has a beautiful green flash and reminds me of a mermaid's tail. Rimmel's 819 Green With Envy.
 First picture, bottle colour accurate. 2nd picture (Below), strangely more accurate nail colour, minus the shimmer. Rimmel 640 Twinkle.

And last, the worst of the lot to photograph.
 2nd picture, accurate for nail colour. Last picture for bottle colour. Both are from canmake and 1 coat of each.