My Mini Giveaway! :Minor Edit to Rules

Cos the number of followers has exceeded my age, I have decided on a mini giveaway!

There are 2 prizes. The grand one *drum roll* and a mini one!

The mini one first! It will contain 2 nail polishes and a sheet of cute nail stickers.
Arn't the bunnies just too cute?

And now, for the big(ger) giveaway!
7 polishes, 3 nail stickers, and a pair of sparkly earrings! I have close up shots of every thing.
Please click for an even closer view! I put in a few different ones. I didn't want to do any OPI cos 1. you can get it everywhere and 2. it's super expensive here (US$17 a bottle, RIPOFF!). But different nailpolishes are fun!

Sooooooo, here are the rules.

  1. You must be a follower need not be a follower. (I decided since I hardly follow any blogs but read a whole bunch which I bookmarked, I would be a hypocrite to just allow followers! So yes, everyone join the party. However, if you wish to follow me, I won't say no!) International readers welcome!
  2. Email me an entry at with Polished Serenity Giveaway in the subject. Please include a name/nick so I can announce the winner.
  3. Winners will be chosen randomly.
  4. The closing date is 31st March 12 midnight Singapore time  UTC: +8
  5. Winners will be notified via email. If I get no reply within 7 days, I will choose another winner.
This is my first giveaway so if I mess up, please be kind. :) I will have my next giveaway at 100 followers.

So good luck everyone! ^^ *cross fingers and toes*