ND3: Pie Day

So 3/14 is Pie Day...or rather, Pi Day, for 3.14....

In honor of pie and pi, I decided to do a manicure inspired by both Pi(e)s.

image from collectingtokens.wordpress.com

To start out this Pi(e) manicure, I thought of a peach/cherry pie. A little mix of bright orange and red. The colors that fit this idea perfectly were OPI's The "It" Color for the yellow background, followed by OPI's Brights Power for the orange circle, and Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Cherry Red - perfect for red cherries!

For Step 1, I simply covered my nails completely in OPI's The "It" Color, followed by a top coat.

Step 2 is where the blue tape appears! For this design, you'll only need a regular hole punch. I used a three hole punch, but it worked just fine.

To make sure the tape does not stick to the hole puncher, cut a square of tape from the role, then stick it down to a card (I used a neon colored index card I had sitting next to my computer - really any type of cardstock will work). The great thing about painter's tape, is that it is meant to peel off from a surface, so the tape comes right off the cardstock and still sticks nicely to your nails.

Step 3 is a repeat of Step 2, with the same process for the blue tape occurring. Just cut out circles from the blue tape (if you have the time and the will, you can always use a drafting compass to draw a circle the size you want, and then use an exacto knife to cut out each circle, but that would be more labor intensive).

Just paint the second color, making sure it layers opaquely over the other color(s). For the design I chose to do for PiDay, I wanted the circles to be offset from each other. Depending on the width of your nail, you can slant the circles (in the line/angle they are layered over each other) as much as you want.

The final step: Just add top coat!

I hope everyone had a good Pi(e) Day! Did you celebrate with a manicure? And if not, did you at least eat pie?

Thanks for looking! Bye for now.