New Konad Plate M78 Swatches

Happy Monday all! Hope you're doing well! I just went to the dentist and am not doing too great. My teeth are killing me! But I have some things to show you so hopefully by the time I am done with this post I will feel better!

I have some swatches using all of the designs of one of the newest Konad plates: M78. I like M78 because it is a plate of full-nail designs. I find those to be much easier to work with. When I try to do small stuff I always mis-align them.

plate M78 - Clockwise starting with butterflies, leopard/tiger, weird abstract circles and stuff with a fan/marble thing, marble print and hearts with semi-circle and dots.

Butterflies. Pretty Standard. Great example of my lack of centering skills.

This is a combo animal print stamp. Very interesting. It is a full nail design with leopard spots and tiger stripes. I was unsure about this one but I liked it with this color combo. The base is Nubar - Reclaim and the stamps are China Glaze - Awaken and Millennium used at the same time.

This is the fan looking thing stamped with China Glaze - Passion and Harmony over BB Couture - Green Goblin. (We've seen this before)

This is the marble stamp used over my gray ombre manicure with the Nubar Fortress Collection. I love this! Are the stamps light on dark, or dark on light?! It's like an optical illusion! The base colors from left to right are Nubar - Stronghold, Palisade, Barricade, Citadel and the stamp colors from left to right are a white creme, Nubar - Marble Tower, Citadel and Stronghold.

The last full nail design I actually broke up into two:

This is the semi-circle and dots stamped with China Glaze - 2030 over China Glaze - Sexy In The City.

And this is the hearts stamped with China Glaze - Millennium over Sinful Colors - Let's Talk. (Please note that this isn't really color accurate. It's not bad but it is pulling too blue. Let's Talk is a royal purple)

What do you think?!