New Konad Plate M79 Swatches

Hello! how is everyone today? I had yet another dentist appointment for more fillings but this was it! I got through it!

This is finally my last plate of the new Konad plates I got. If you need refreshing of the other posts I did plate M77 here and plate M78 here.

Clockwise from far left: ruffles, hatch pattern made up of dots, polka dot stamp, clouds, line print with rose and dots

This plate gave me the most trouble for a couple reasons. Lets get into it with some swatches:

This is the ruffle pattern stamped over MAC - Blue India. I was unsure about this stamp at the start because I didn't know if I should rock it at the base (shown here) or as the tip or if I should go against what seemed natural and do it the long way. Well this is what I ended up with and it worked out! This was not difficult to align and it didn't give me any issues picking up. I did mis-align one on the other hand, but you don't have to see that!

Hatch pattern. This one isn't awful, but since it is made up of such small details you have to work quickly or the polish will dry before you pick it up or it will dry on the stamper and not transfer to your nail. I had better luck using these chrome colors than a creme I tried first. Just clean the plate before every stamp and move fast.

The polka dot stamp is just genius. Do you love the look of polka dots on your nails but hate doing them? Me too! This is just the solution! No need to worry about misalignment of dots or having dots of various sizes. This is the fix. And doesn't it look just darling on toes?

The clouds were the most exciting thing on this plate, I thought. This is white creme stamped over Orly - Snowcone (this pic is only one coat of Snowcone, by the way. Amazing) I love, love, love this mani! I couldn't get enough of this one! It is way too cute and way too fun! This was very easy to stamp with also.

And lastly, the weird line/dots/flower stamp. I don't know what this thing's problem is. I could never get it right. I tried to stamp this in black over a pinkish nude and it would have looked awesome but I kept messing it up. I don't really think it was the stamps fault, I think it was mine. But anyway. This is a different combo that worked a bit better. The pinky sucked so I left it off but overall its fine.

What do you think?!