NOTD: Purple Haze

My photography skills do not do justice to the loveliness of these polishes. After applying the usual prep base coat, I applied a skin tone polish (using local brand Klik Capuccino) to hide the nail line. Then applied local brand Wish lavender on a curve as base for Pure Ice Busted. On the other side I used Wet & Wild Sparked. Put Pure Ice Mint Dream down the middle.  Put a sticker stone at the base, and done!
I just wish Busted and Mint Dream showed up in the photo as well as it did in real life. It's pathetic that my photography is as bad as my nail art. LOL.
Busted shows up in shimmer over the lavender base and gives off a lovely, subtle glow. Sparked is super sparkly! And Mint Dream looks alternately minty and nude depending on the light, and I loved moving my fingers around just to see the light playing on my nails. Ah! Such are the simple joys!
My lovely nail polishes are courtesy of the lovely Christy, whom you should really go see if you haven't already.