NOTD Rockin' the Ruffian

Everybody and her sister are agog over this Ruffian reverse-french mani. Isn't it lovely, though? And it's all over blogdom.Notable examples at emeraldsparkled and lacquerized.
I was on the lookout for a design that would showcase the beauty of Zoya Veruschka. I didn't want it plain. Neither could I couldn't draw over it because that would require a topcoat, and since the only topcoat available where I live are shiny ones, it would defeat the purpose of using a matte polish.
Enter the Ruffian, and I'm ecstatic. Finally! A mani that's eye-catching, and that shows off the strength and beauty of Veruschka!
Here's my attempt:
For the 'gold' part I first applied Nina Ultra Brassi Bronz and then Sinful Colors All About You (such lovely, lovely gold shimmer!). Then I topped it with two coats of Zoya Veruschka.
I love how the shimmer and the matte play off against each other. The gold shimmer makes the matte appear more matte and vice versa. Indoors or out, the effect is lovely. I had one friend drop by my office to see me in a hurry; in the short time I was talking she had her eyes glued to my nails and I finally had to hide my hands so she can focus on what I was saying before she had to leave! LOL!
This beauty and happiness I owe to Christy!!! Thanks, girl!