SOTD: Irish Green, but not Irish Green

For weeks I checked out my local Walgreens and Rite Aid, but I could not find Sinful Colors Irish Green. I really do adore neon colors, so I was looking forward to this one, but I cannot seem to get my hands on it. I would have settled for China Glaze's Four Leaf Clover, since just because of the name, it sounds like a color I would associate with St. Patrick's Day. Well, no luck there either, since no store near me sells China Glaze.

Instead I stopped by my local Claire's on my (other) relentless pursuit in search of a good neon yellow and picked up this neon green as well...

Here is Claire's Lime Yours. This Claire's polish had a label on the bottom of the bottle, and the name does work for this green shade. It looks like a lime green shade in real life. But for some unknown reason, once I uploaded the photos to blogger, the shade of the polish changed colors to a more yellow hue.

See what I mean about the color change? I know neons are hard to capture, but the above bottle pic shows even more yellow than the first photo. So just imagine with me that this shade looks like a bright green liquid highlighter.

For a better color representation follow the link HERE to this website called "COLOURlovers". (On a side note, it's kind of fun to browse around their website, because it's like looking at a ton of Pantone color swatches.) The green swatch I linked to above, looks the closest to what this nail polish looks like in real life.

But, back to the nail polish...

With a top coat (I used Orly Won't Chip), the outcome was a nice smooth neon green after 3 coats. Ignoring the fact that in these photos I look like I have lobster hands because the green polish seems to bring out the pink/red undertones in my skin, this color was very bright and really caught attention, thus making it a fun color to wear for St. Patrick's Day.

Being a true neon, the color dried matte without a top coat, so here is another picture so you can see what it looks like sans shiny finish:

Another problem I had with this polish (besides the fact that blogger doesn't seem to like the color), is that even though I attempted to paint on three thin coats, I still developed bubbles, as seen in the above photograph. When I added the top coat, the bubbles went away. I'm kind of disappointed about the bubbles thing, because I'm not sure if that means this polish was old when I bought it (since I bought it late January/early February and a month or two shouldn't make a difference on an unopened bottle of polish), or if it just doesn't work right with my layering skills and/or body chemistry.

Final verdict: It was quite fun to wear a bright green for St. Patrick's Day, and I may attempt to use this polish one more time, but if I have the same bubbling results, I don't think I'll be investing in Claire's polishes again, if they work like this for me. There are other neon collections coming out soon, so I may turn to those instead.

So did anyone else wear a green polish for St. Patrick's Day? Has anyone else had bubbling occur in a nail polish - particularly a Claire's nail polish? I think I'll give this polish another try, but for now, I'm undecided.

Thanks for looking. Bye for now.