TCP #27: Legally Blonde

This week's theme is School Is Fun. When talking of school movies I have to put "Dead Poet's Society" and "The Great Debaters" and "Mona Lisa Smile" in edgewise, but then these are serious films, not entirely suited to the 'fun' part. Mona Lisa Smile I loved because it was a well-made period film that dwelt on present-day issues for women. Then, of course, there's Julia Roberts. And especially how the other stars, her students, moved so differently to appropriately depict how young ladies of the time behaved. "In a world that told them how to think, she showed them how to live."
In a similar vein, I also liked Dangerous Minds, starring Michelle Pfeiffer, based on the real life story of LouAnne Johnson. I personally know a Filipina teacher who's teaching at a school like this in NY, and she has been an inspiration and encouragement to her students, also. It's scary how these kids grown up in their drive-by shooting and drug-riddled neighborhoods, in single- or no-parent families.
My choice for this week? Legally Blonde. Don't laugh.
I liked the fun school atmosphere of Legally Blonde. Where a girl could be as girly as she wanted, and still be brainy. How Elle and her sorority sisters were so supportive and so there for each other. Usually in films in this setting, there are mean characters who are out to get the heroine. But in Elle, the characters are more like real life in that there are good and bad sides even to the villains. Of course there had to be conflict. But I even liked the way that Selma Blair's character eventually bonded with Elle.
Favorite quote:
Warner Huntington III: You got into Harvard Law?
Elle: What? Like, it's hard?
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