Award: Blogs I Love

Amused Polish gave me an award. When I got my first award, I was so humbled that someone in the great, wide blogosphere, who I don't know personally and may never ever meet, thought me worthy enough of getting an award. I thought you first had to write thought-provoking, interesting posts evidenced by a bazillion followers, hits and readers to be worthy.I've a very recent blogger, and this is my fourth award. And you know what? The thrill isn't over. I don't know Amused Polish in person, nevertheless I go visit her blog when I can because I enjoy her posts and pics. She's a self-confessed nail polish lover and lipbalm addict who's got a crafty vein and a love for the British Band called Muse. Please go check out her blog.
I hope I never get too blasé for recognition. It would be too much like... growing old??? ;)
Here are the Rules:
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- Link the person who has given you the award - done
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