Blue Planet

Morning! Thank you all so much for all the well wishes for my Blogoversary! You all are the best!!!!

So remember when I showed you a couple of LA Splash swatches back here, and I mentioned frankening with Sparkling Ocean Spray because I wasn't a fan of the empty space between the glitter? Can you guess where I am going with this? :c)

I decided to mix it with Wet n Wild - Nocturnal which must be a great polish to franken with because it is not the first time I have mixed with it and with this post I used it all. Anyway, I am madly, wildly, crazy in love with what I created.

I am calling this "Blue Planet". That would have been the name of my Illamasqua create your own polish entry had I gotten it in on time. So if the shade Illamasqua makes isn't as cool as this, then we'll know I would have won if I wasn't a procrastinator! :cD

Check this out! This is a dark blue jelly base with teal glitter. AHH! I love this!!! The base and glitter are matchy, but not the same and that gives it so much character.

To make it I poured out a little less than half of Sparkling Ocean Spray and filled back up most of that space with Nocturnal. Pretty easy!

What do you think?!