Flat Splat

I thought up a great chrome-on-matte manicure while doing the one I showed you yesterday, and I thought I would save it for a while... although I don't know what I would save it for! Except maybe keeping thing fresh here and not giving you back-to-back similar posts. Well, I couldn't wait and did this beauty immediately:

My Flat Splat manicure!

I started with a base of Orly - Matte Vinyl, an awesome super flat, black creme and then stamped with Konad plate M21 and various, bright, chrome polishes.

I used six different chrome shades for this look:
  • China Glaze - Cherish
  • China Glaze - Adore
  • China Glaze - Harmony
  • Sally Hansen - Blue Sapphire
  • Revlon - Punch Chrome
  • Revlon - Copper Chrome

And we can leave out righty!

Have a great weekend!