My first-ever giveaway win, I'm so happy!
Sarah of Trend Wisely is a mom, wife, home stager, receptionist, esthetician, blogger, housekeeper, Avon Rep. A jane-of-all-trades, obviously, with a keen eye for fashion and beauty, a professional to the core. And rocking an awesome hairstyle, to boot! She blogs about her fashion finds which are always stylish and at the same time practical. I know fashion and practical don't always go together, but she makes it easy. Just check her blog to see for yourself.
I was so excited and happy to receive these from Sarah. We have Avon where I live, but Avon doesn’t carry nail products here. So it was a pleasant surprise to get these. Avon is known for quality products at reasonable prices. These didn’t disappoint.
The giveaway had a nail care kit, an eyeshadow blending brush, and two polishes: one Speed Dry in Mambo Melon, and UV Gloss Guard Top Coat. I’ve been looking for a brush like this for sometime but haven’t found one in the local stores. Uhm, okay, I’m totally aware this makes me sound like I live in the boondocks, LOL. So, thank you, Sarah, you picked out the stuff I needed exactly. Clearly, this giveaway and I are MFEO. ;)
I wouldn’t leave you without a swatch now, would I? So here it is, readers and much-beloved beauties.

And for a comparison? I swear my nails almost blended into the red of this box. I was almost tempted to paint Ronald or at least the Golden Arch logo on my thumb. But I was loathe to spoil this lovely, lovely red on my nails. BTW, this isn't a supersize container of french fries (we don't have that size here -- boondocks! Right.) My hands are really just tiny.
Thank you again, Sarah.