My Collection (Warning: pic heavy)

Today I thought I'd introduce the stuff I use. This is my polish collection. Most, if not all, of these polishes are from China, and are sold very cheap where I live (many of these cost only about US 0.25¢). They are very cute bottles. Usually they are only 7ml. I find that these small bottles are less likely to get spoiled. Polish sold under Philippine cosmetic brands cost a bit more, about US 0.50¢ to US$1. I don't buy these pricier polishes because I often don't like the formulation and the cost doesn't justify it. And from my experience, the smaller bottles are better, quality-wise. The only exceptions are the basics (topcoat, basecoat) because they are used repeatedly and are worth the expense.
The basics. Elianto topcoat (about US$2), given by my sister. This is the only topcoat that works with my pseudo nail stickers. ;) Caronia, Bobbie & Wish are Phil. brands.
The pinks. Most of these are very sheer, especially the middle one. I think I need a pink creme in my collection, don't you? ;) Any enabler out there?

The purples. The ones on the left look maroon in the pic, but they're dark purple irl. The middle is a boxed set given by my friend; the one covered by the label is colorless (see basics above).

The reds. Many of these were a gift from my sister (yeah, she's sweet that way). They range in intensity from almost black to orange-y, and Bobbie and the right-most ones have glitter.
The greens. I love these greens, but none is creme. All are sheer. The Bobbie -- I can't tell if it's green or more blue. I haven't used it, don't know what's keeping me, but love the color.

The blues. I'm a blue girl all the way, my friend Tracy gave me that purple boxed set because she always saw me in blue and thought I didn't have other colors, LOL!
The neons. The pink appeared above, but I think it deserves another appearance here. I love me some brights! These silver-capped brand is my favorite of my cheap-o polishes.
The Glitters. Nothing compared to those Christy gave me. The pink is ok, but the two golds are terrible to work with and very sparse. I frankened the silver using craft glitter.
The blacks. Actually, only the two on the sides are real black. Those in the middle are very dark reds that show up dark red, not black. The Careline is even named black.
The neutrals and grey. Neutrals are usually too bland for my taste. I use these mostly for nail art. Second one to the left, Klik Cappuccino, is my favorite for hiding visible nail lines.

These No-Name, No-Brand Polishes (henceforth called NNNB) are identifiable only by numbers found on stickers stuck to their bottoms. ;) The labeling is inconsistent. Some labels say "Color Cosmetic," some, "Xixi," some "Made in China," some just have the number on the sticker. But the bottles are all the same. I wonder if these are generic bottles that different polish manufacturers use to put their brand-name surplus polishes and sell for a fraction of the real price just to dispose of production over-runs???
That's the stuff of my fantasy, LOL.