ND5: Triple Scoop

When picking out the colors used for this nail design, the first thing that came to mind was Rainbow Sherbet Ice Cream. And what could be better than one scoop of three flavors mixed together? Why three separate scoops, of course!

images from polyvore.com

The colors used for this nail design (from left to right) were: Powerful Peach by Jessica, Sun Kissed by Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear, and Green With Envy by Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear.

Step 1: Cut a thick strip of blue painter's tape that covers about one-third of your nail. Place the strip of tape diagonally across the nail, pressing down firmly. On each nail, paint the first color, immediately followed by the third color in the pattern, layering the colors on the nail in quick succession.

When done with the painting, quickly pull up the piece of tape in the same direction the piece of tape lies on the nail, following the angle the tape was placed in.

Step 2: Once Step 1 is dry, use two pieces of tape per nail to cover the edge of the top (first) and bottom (third) color, making sure to get as close to the edge where the middle color will be laid down, without leaving a gap.

Here is the final product, with top coat:

What do you think? Does this manicure/nail design make you think of ice cream? Or maybe it just screams "Spring"?

Thanks for looking. Bye for now.