NOTD: Finger Paints Easel Come, Easel Go

Finger Paints Easel Come, Easel Go is this wonderful metallic silver that just begs to be worn without adornment. I was planning on doing something complicated with this, possibly another French tip or Ruffian. But then when I saw it on the nails, there was no sullying that lovely finish. I felt like I was wearing foil! Now, I’ve never seen foil on nails in person. The likes of that are not within our 3rd world reality just yet, lol. So this was as near as I could get, and this made me so happy.
As with the other polishes that that Vixen Stiletto, you know, That One! sent me, this went on so smoothly. My first application didn’t go so well (my bad, not the formula’s) and I used two coats (index, middle and pinky nails). But I ruined the thumb and ring nails and had to reapply. Second time around, I only needed one coat to get good coverage. This was so special I wore it for putting my son’s medals around his neck when he graduated Valedictorian from elementary.
Amazingly, one week later, the polish stayed on and was still going strong. No chips, only very slight tip wear, and I hadn’t retouched the topcoat. So I decided to add a simple design in gold.
In the pic you can see the gap caused by my nails growing a little longer during the week. Proof of this polish's long lasting wear.
This has been a wonderful polish honeymoon, and there’s no sign  it’s about to end soon.