NOTD Purply Glittery

These glitter polishes are so lovely and exceeds all my expectations. When I saw them in the store I immediately grabbed them, as another girl was pawing through the lot and these looked to be the only ones left. The flecks look large and dense in the bottle. As soon as I put them on, I was transported.
Which is why it's so hard for me to show you my pic because, I know. It sucks. It really does. It kinda defeats the purpose of putting a pic up at all, which is supposed to show off the beauty of this glitter. I must tell you it doesn't look this crappy in real life. I layered the glitter over the NYC Purple Pizzazz Frost that Stiletto gave me, which is dark purple polish with a downright gorgeous violet-blue flash. The glitter complements Pizzazz perfectly, and all my girl friends who saw my nails gushed that it is pretty. By the way, are you one of those sick gals who flash their fingernails in other people's faces until they're forced to acknowledge your mani? And wave 'hello' or 'goodbye' with their palms turned inwards, again to show off said mani? Well, I confess, I am. Sick. <<Hangs head in shame.>>
The glitter has tiny flecks that also flash violet blue, but more than that, there are hexagonal glitters!
I've never seen the likes of it in real life before! And the glitter is dense. I deeply mourn my inability to take a photo that will do this mani justice. Oooh, the shame.