SOTD: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Pacific Blue

Oh, what a beautiful color! There are no words to describe it! (Or rather, there are too many words to describe it.) A perfect shade of cornflower blue: a lighter medium-toned blue with the barest hint of violet. Such a unique shade!

For about $3US you get .4 fl oz of this beautiful liquid. Goes on with creamy coverage in two coats.

Indirect sunlight, pictured above.

Direct Sunlight, pictured above.

Verdict: the hype you may or may not have heard about this polish is true - it is a must have! Honestly, if this is the type of polish (on consistency of the formula alone) that people are describing when they talk about Rescue Beauty Lounge polishes, I could see why they would be in love with that company. Buttery, creamy, opaque. And all in two coats!

Now the shade is another matter altogether. In bright light, it appears a lighter shade of blue (as seen in the first photo), but go indoors to dimmer lighting and the color seems to change. The purple undertones come out and the polish looks like it's almost a different polish. Still completely beautiful, but a darker shade altogether. If you can, stop by your local drugstore as soon as possible to pick up this beauty!